Age - "Nerium"

Log Date: 9/15/20

Author: Billy Bugara (@ActuallyNotBill)

Log Visual

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Artist Background


Age creates pieces worth admiring for hours on end.


Utilizing vivid, sincere, and tangible facets in their approach, Age is considered among a select few designers like them in how they translate fiction into reality. 

Design Overview


One of their most recent pieces entitled “Nerium” is just the latest example of this approach being put into motion.

With this piece, Age takes an equal amount of realistic imagery and seeps it all within a mystical and even futuristic light by way of what’s found within the main objects. 


The floral imagery represents a  familiar sense of realism within
the piece, but the beveled and textured composition of those said flowers are anything but the norm.


Yet the resulting product that comes about from this contrast is just as pleasing to the eye as it is impressive from a strictly creative standpoint.



The ways in which “Nerium” blurs the lines between the tangible and intangible truly speak to Age’s status as one of the most impressive designers working to this day.   

Other creatives in this light often fall short when it comes to producing work that is just as accessible as it is creatively sound, but
based off of the outstanding portfolio that Age has already built for themself, that is certainly not the case here.