Kel - “Destination Elyth Point”

Log Date: 9/22/20

Author: Billy Bugara (@ActuallyNotBill)

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Artist Background


Kel is creating a world that only they could possibly conceptualize. 


Character by character and piece by piece, they are utilizing their unique, joyous, and appealing take on modern design to build up a portfolio that also acts as a corresponding concept of its own.

Design Overview


Despite furthering this ever-growing world as time moves forward, Kel also has the ability to stray away from their typical illustrative work with great results.

A new piece of theirs entitled “Destination: Elyth Point:” is the latest example of this sentiment being put into motion with its highly 3D-centric approach.


With this piece, Kel creates a scene that is obscure as it is comfortable in a sense -- with its scattered items all surrounding an individual on some sort of hedge.


It’s an awe-inspiring look into a setting that has no inherent direction, which does nothing but elevate the aura that this piece attempts to capture.



Whether it's their standard character design work or just about anything they put their mind to, Kel is displaying an absolute masterwork of an artistic catalog time and time again.

They are bursting with creativity from every angle imaginable, and with “Destination: Elyth Point,” they have added yet another facet into this exact portfolio with ease.