Msinrs - "Deucefade"

Log Date: 9/3/20

Author: Billy Bugara (@ActuallyNotBill)

Log Visual

Log Readout

Artist Background


Msinsrs is one of the most essential typeface designers working today.


Utilizing an approach that's equally seeped in the past as it is the future, they are slowly building a reputation as one of the underground's most defining looks as an artist.

Design Overview


A recent piece of theirs entitled "Deucefade" is a striking example of this defining style put in motion.

The logo itself is a slick, yet dynamic illustration that comes off just as abstract as it is wholly appealing.


The typeface portion stands out on its own with its superb look, but with this piece in particular, it is elevated that much more when placed against the noted background. 

What lies behind it is a bright and eye-popping gradient display that ever-so-perfectly complements all of the other facets of the image.



"Deucefade" is just one of numerous examples of Msinsrs's outstanding work, but the fact that it stands out in the way that it does truly speaks to their unmistakable talents.

Tapping in to their work acts as an absolute gateway to the best typeface and overall design work that their scene has to offer, and one would be remiss to be missing out in that manner.