om_neb - “directionless”

Log Date: 9/24/20

Author: Billy Bugara (@ActuallyNotBill)

Log Visual

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Artist Background


Om_neb is a spitting image of the future of graphic design.


Taking aesthetics that were understood to be “a prediction of the future” some 20+ years ago and executing them in that very future today, they have essentially perfected the idea of faux-futurism from a visual perspective, and in a completely appealing manner all the same.

Design Overview


One of their most recent pieces entitled “Directionless” represents exactly why they can lay claim to this notion in one small, yet detailed package.

The piece is a submerged and scattered design that takes the idea of the “obscure” to its highest level -- as nothing in the piece itself can quite be discretely identified on even the most lengthy look.


But that sentiment only works to elevate a piece like this, as the tellingly deep blue and ominous piece truly lives up to its name in a variety of manners even beyond the ones previously stated.


Even through the subtle lines, waves, and blurry portions that overlay their respective aspects of the piece, everything here is shrouding in the idea of the “mystique” -- just elevating its status that much further.



If there is anyone to carry the next wave of graphic design - and its status as a rising industry standard - it would be om_neb, and they truly have the portfolio and given status to already prove this in full.

“Directionless” is just another addition to a tellingly complete portfolio that does nothing else but give resoundingly clear evidence into this fact, and it won’t be long before this becomes something of an accepted fact across the board as a result of these incredibly remarkable works.