Password: 4sznAutumnVol1

Artist Background

4SZN as a group oozes mainstream appeal, everything about them screams popstar potential.

Their recent project Autumn Vol. 1 is the perfect release to exemplify what the hyperpop scene has recently been evolving into, and how they are coming to contribute to it.


“Emergency” “I’m Done” “Halloween Cypher”


While 4SZN as a group takes clear influence from all the artists that have recently been in the spotlight for hyperpop with a liberal use of stutters and occasionally sped up vocals, they make a name for themselves by never having filler. If it isn't a hit 4SZN doesn't drop it and with as many hitmakers as this group sports, there are many more exciting tracks to come.

Defining Aspects:

“Entertaining wordplay” “Catchy” “Exceptional melodies”

Artist Performance:

It is hard to name a standout artist from 4SZN because every single member impressed on this project. Ria and Delto absolutely blow minds on “Halloween Cypher,” and Vaeo and Raegun have incredible vocal performances of their own on “I’m Done.”


4SZN has built upon a lot of the elements that have become widely known in the hyperpop scene but there just isn't any group who has put out a full project with consistent radio ready pop bangers, if they continue with this style they will be continuing straight to the top.

This project was fun, accessible and full of earworms, which is exactly what is needed to push hyperpop to the mainstream level.