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UVC's History, Current State, and Other General Information

UVC is a multimedia music platform and record label. Being first established by CEO Bernard Vernon in 2018, the platform quickly evolved from an independent blog source into the multifaceted platform that it is today.

The platform is currently split into multiple divisions, with each member of its Executive Board presiding over each division as they are. These divisions include:

  • UVC (Content/Media Platform)

  • Billy Bugara: Executive Presence

  • H.D. Angel: Editor-In-Chief

  • Full Staff Overview

  • UVC Records

  • Bernard Vernon: Executive Presence

  • Paul Mead: Executive Presence

  • Lorenzo McKissick: Executive Presence

  • Kaleb P: Executive Presence

  • UVC Design

  • Bernard Vernon: Executive Presence

  • Designed by Dylan: Design Lead

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