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Password: AndrewGoesToHellTreasure

Artist Background

ANDREW GOES TO HELL gives us gold.

The Chicago native isn’t afraid to show off his diverse production style, ranging from electronic trap to the touching nostalgic sound of “Treasure."

Track Overview

“Treasure” is exactly what the title suggests it is.

It’s decadent tabla beat accompanies a crooning harmonica melody as the song continues. Low recorders can be heard in the back, taking you straight back to middle school.

It has minimal lyrics, repeating the same phrase throughout: “Tell me why the treasure man is always hard to find”. The repeated lyrics accompanied by the track’s artwork prove Andrew’s power to take you straight back to childhood, when finding treasure was your biggest concern.

Andrew’s childish vocals on the track and the easy melody match the childish feel of the song. He almost sounds whiny, like a child in need of something. It’s exactly what’s needed to bring the track together.


This track is divergent from Andrew’s previous releases, but it’s a welcome change.

While the track is more personal, void of awe-ing features or grand production, it strikes a chord with each and every one of it’s listeners, transporting them back to childhood for a minute and 54 seconds.

Andrew’s willingness to open up on this track is something we hope to see more of in the future.

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