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Password: AViTGoodbye</3

Artist Background

Avit is an underdog on the rise.

The northern Virginia native is the perfect mix of emo, pop, and trap, crafting an entirely new genre of his own in his discography. 

Track Overview

"Goodbye </3” is the perfect example of this sentiment in motion.

The Maknae production is memorable to say the least, building on itself throughout the song. A steady trap beat keeps the song moving, along with a catchy melody to accompany it. The beat along with the relatively short run time of the track hooks into the listener and reels them in with ease, allowing the song to replay without getting boring.

Avit’s vocals are the most enthralling part of the track. His angsty lyrics and whiny, yet stern vocal performance on the track feels completely personal, like you’re listening to him plead to the person he is singing to.

The vocals cutting out during the chorus add to the theme of the song, like a phone call cutting out during an emotional conversation. Combined with the lyrics about text messages and old memories, it pulls the song together perfectly.


There’s certainly something surprising and appealing about this single.

Avit’s music has been getting more and more impressive with every drop, yet he still manages to exceed expectations on “Goodbye </3”.

He’s shaking up the underground, all while remaining true to his sound and style; he’s a welcome change of pace, bringing new influences and paving his own way into the underground. 

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