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Password: CodyLuvAndFinlinceDieQuick!

Artist Background

Graveem1nd is continuing to prove that they cannot miss.

The rising collective has been on an unreal hot streak as of late, and Cody Luv and Finlince - two figures within their star-studded roster - have just added yet another outstanding track to this streak in particular.

Track Overview

“Die Quick!” is the track in question, and it is simply another fitting addition into each of their respective catalogs in the process.

Both Fin and Cody do what they do best on this track at their highest levels -- delivering an energetic, spaced-out, and resounding performance that just exudes pure confidence and finesse.

The two flow with easy over yet another ethereal and simply awe-inspiring beat by Starboyrob -- who time and time again proves that he is without question one of the most exciting young producers working right now.

The instrumental alone does so much to elevate the two’s captivating and all-encompassing vocal works, mostly based around how their reverb-drenched verses fit so well around this equally cacophonous beat.


Graveem1nd is a collective full of absolute hit-makers and superstars; Cody and Fin are just two among an absolute mammoth of a lineup.

But with tracks like “Die Quick!,” they are making it very clear that they are not ones to just get left in the fray -- they are making their mark in the only way they possibly can.

The rest of the collective is following suit with each successive release, and that could only mean amazing things for this group of phenoms moving forward.

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