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Password: ColeLonganeckerCocoon

Artist Background

Cole Longanecker is arguably one of the most talented acts in the underground today, and his prowess is further proven with their new album “Cocoon”.

As head of hit collective “Curiosity Shop”, it comes as no surprise this project would act as more than just your everyday album. The collective is not only known for their incredible music and production, but their groundbreaking visions within art as well.


“Dusk” “The Lantern Sways” “The Mask Cracks”


Cole Longanecker has effortlessly combined 3 major artforms within this project: storytelling, visual art, and obviously, music. The 27-minute project takes the listener on a rollercoaster of emotion, whether they use the accompanying art and story with it or not.

Defining Aspects

Incredible accompanying art and design, along with beautifully executed storytelling -- both provided by 5outho.

Artist Performance

The music itself stands out among all else. Within the (roughly) half an hour run time, Cole manages to touch on every base Curiosity Shop is known for, and then some. Featuring the likes of prominent Digiaches, Tuchscreen, and Yikii, each feature is remarkable and will have the listener revisiting time and time again. 


It's safe to say Cole Longanecker has his own vision within his craft, and it is certainly inimitable. Everything released by Cole thus far is completely unique, and will leave any listener anxiously awaiting what's to come.

5outho’s exceptional art and storytelling perfectly captures the feeling invoked by the music paired with it, with the storytelling in itself going above and beyond from the sheer wording alone to the metaphors it has in store.

Overall, this album will be enjoyed by any electronic fan, especially ones who have an eye for art as well. The entire project can be summed up as pleasant in every aspect. 

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