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Password: CyanRunnin'

Artist Background

Cyan is as talented as they come.

Based out of Jacksonville, he is equal parts producer and vocalist, crafting a genre-defying, perpetually evolving sound with every new track.

Track Overview

“Runnin’” is a breath of fresh air amidst an otherwise distressing year. With a groovy percussion loop, punchy kick, and glossy synth chords, the track’s production immediately provides an escape to a place analogous to its cover.

Cyan’s vocals accentuate this escape, with lyrics that emphasize a sense of liberty and fluidity.

Additionally, his tonal delivery serves as the base of the track, providing solid ground for the otherwise ethereal ambiance. Near the middle of the track, an instrumental breakdown introduces a slick cheese synth to the mix, along with a series of reverse cymbals that build anticipation for the track’s second refrain.

Vocals courtesy of Anna Grace Harp add a brief, but welcome vocal transformation to cadence out the track.


Despite being a freestyle, “My Fault,” contains the Cyan stands out amidst an increasingly saturated musical scene.

His maturity as a producer is on full display, and his development as a vocalist is clear. “Runnin’” feels like a bright autumn day, occasionally brisk, slightly unpredictable, but undeniably emancipated.

Amidst a year of lockdowns and stay-at-home orders, this track is a gleaming flash of freedom, a ticket to a place the listener didn’t even know existed.

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