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Password: d1vForHer

Artist Background

d1v has been the spitting image of a modern artist working today for quite a long time now.

Their widespread influence is nothing short of apparent and present in today’s music landscape, and they are continuing to prove why that is the case with each successive offering. 

Track Overview

Their most recent single “For Her” is just a small look into a seemingly endless world of influence that they have over the scene as it is today.

Finding itself deep in the more intense and upbeat section of their artistry, d1v has again flaunted this side of their approach with all the grace in the world.

The track is a short, yet exhilarating experience that is just as seeped in an atmospheric tone as it is in its directed nature and punchiness.

Guided by a beat that does just enough to stand out on its own despite its simplistic status, d1v floats and glides over this entire track with their signature understated, yet completely upfront delivery and vocal presence.


At this point in their career, d1v has no reason to simply just bask in their influential glory -- despite how strong and apparent that status truly is.

Instead of doing that, they are continuing to move forward with both their still-developing sound and the entire artistic makeup that surrounds it, which is only resulting in some incredible offerings time and time again from a variety of different angles.

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