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Password: DaineAscension

Artist Background

Daine takes us through her own magical soundscape.

The Melbourne-based artist is making a name for herself through her unique trap and electronic-influenced sound.

Track Overview

Her latest track “Ascension” is another addition to her arsenal of stunning singles.

The song’s foundation is a moving, angsty guitar melody, but a deep bass beat lays on top, pushing the track forward. The steady rhythm is reminiscent of hip-hop adjacent artists, but Daine puts her own twist on the track.

Her vocal performance is steady and captivating, as her melodic flow highlights the instrumental and works in tandem with it to create their own unique symphony.

The emo-inspired lyrics match the almost midwestern emo tone of the track. It’s dark, dramatic, and deep; another showcase of Daine’s seemingly endless talents.


Daine’s rising from the underground to having thousands of loyal listeners is no stroke of luck.

Her music has been praised by the biggest people in the experimental pop scene and for good reason. She’s an artist to look out for- one that is already building a mainstream name for herself.

Her fairy-tale world is one that we’re lucky to be a part of, and one that is only going to bring more people in as she continues to release music.

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