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A Q&A (And Pronunciation Guide) with Dcxshy

In online music circles, it's pretty easy to tell who’s going to stand out in the long term. If you were to map out his career on a graph, Dcxshy would be on an upward slope. From recently hopping on a beat from Lil Tecca to his association with the collective cr3stfallen, he shows tons of potential, so I sat down with him to learn more about the rising talent.

Bernard Vernon: First off, where are you from?

Dxcshy: I'm from Flint, Michigan, but I live in Atlanta.

How’d you get your start in music? I know you were working with Surf pretty early on in your career. Did he get you into this scene?

I remember I started music as a producer in December of 2018. I had dreams of playing football in college, but I tore muscles in my knee and couldn't pursue that dream. I met people in college, and the ones I got cool with made music along with friends I had back home, so I was always around music. Surf has a huge impact on my music career when we’re talking about inspiration and who I look up to. We met by me getting a placement and later found out we stayed in the same state. From there, we started linking and getting closer.

You’ve worked with two people in particular: Okaymar and TDF. How’d you meet those two?

I met both of them around the same time because they were somewhat a rapper/producer duo before I came along. They both live in Minnesota. TDF posted on his story that he was sending beat packs out to new artists and I was one of them. We were working, and we dropped our first song “Can't Go,” and we've just been going crazy since then. I met Okaymar basically through TDF and the group cr3stfallen. He's like my best friend, but he's mad at me right now.

What’s your relationship with the collective cr3stfallen? How’d you find yourself working with those guys?

I'm no longer a member of cr3stfallen but shout-out to them. I was added by TDF when I was a part of the collective.

You have a song produced by Angelus and D0llywood1, how’d that come along?

They were tapped into me and Okaymar and the rest of cr3st. I think Dolly sent the beat and you know, the rest was history.

How exactly is your artist name pronounced? I have heard over 3 different pronunciations of it. Dashy, Dee Cashee, Dc x shy, what is it? And how did you come up with that name?

My name is D Cashy. In high school my handle was cashy.dee, and as I got a little older I was like "damn, this is corny." So, I just changed it around a little and went with Dcxshy: "d cashy" with an X for the a.

You recently dropped a song produced by Lil Tecca titled “Test” with another song produced by him on the way. How’d you guys meet up?

Honestly, I have no clue, but I'm glad it happened and that he gave me a chance. My supporters sent me a video clip of my song “Face Card” being played in the Angelic Vlog. Next thing I know, I'm getting followed by some of the Angelic members and the day after, Tecca DMs me and follows me. It all happened so fast.

It should go without saying that a lot of people who were/are fans of Slayworld and Sofaygo have migrated over to your fan base. I’ve even seen a few fan pages on Instagram of cr3stfallen that post about you and Okaymar and other acts like Rodneyy and Nigo Chanel consistently. You're having an undeniable rise for someone who’s first track on their page is from 2020. How do you feel about all this?

I am blessed and beyond grateful. I prayed for times like this and now it's hitting full circle. Shout-out to God.

What’s the best bar or one-liner in a song you’ve ever said?

I guess my most popular bar people know from me is in my song “Holy”. “After the green, guacamole.”

Who are your biggest influences music wise?

Surfskrt, Okaymar, Yeat, and myself.

What’s the best song you’ve ever made from your perspective?

I would say Holy. When that dropped, everything changed.

Do you have any projects on the way? What should your supporters expect moving forward?

I do have a project on the way and that's all I can say! stay tuned, I promise you all will love it.

Finally, any shout-outs?

Shout-out to Surf, Vanity (my videographer), TDF, Twentywrld, Perc40, really all of cr3stfallen & RUINED. and lastly, shout-out to God.


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