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Password: DeathConiS0bad

Artist Background

Death Coni stands out amongst a group full of unmatched talent.

The rise of the underground's hottest new collective Graveem1nd has been remarkable on its own, but the fact that Deth Coni has emerged as one of the group's most impressive acts makes it that much better.

Track Overview

They make sure to make this fact as clear as t possible could be on their newest single "s0bad" -- a track that does more than enough to solidify their place as one of the scene's best rising acts.

The song itself is blissfully catchy and all-too-enjoyable on its own, which is due in large part to the upbeat and exciting instrumental provided by Kuru and Kalio.

Every aspect of Deth Coni's performance is gripping, entertaining, and just perfect for a track that sounds like this in the way that it does -- as they ideally match the instrumental's energy in their energetic delivery by itself.

And to top the song off, they are aided by scene veteran Saturn who provides a verse of their own, making for what can only be described as a perfect pairing based off of their similar styles in the process.


More and more are new and exciting acts making their presence known in the scene as it currently stands, but to stand out in the way that Deth Coni does - even when placed next to their incredibly talented Graveem1nd contemporaries - is simply outstanding in its own right.

Even though they are assisted by numerous experts of their craft on "s0bad" -- Deth Coni has done enough now to be known as an expert of their own, and one that will hold that title for quite a long time without question.

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