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Password: FinlinceEverytimeISeeYou

Artist Background

Finlince brings a new level of sincerity to the table.

The fifteen year old artist is already exceeding expectations, putting out exciting tracks from all angles of their respective scene.

Track Overview

Their newest track “Everytime I See You” embodies all of that and more.

Appointing features from Blackwinterwells, Midwxst, and Barren, the song can best be described as relieving, with a smooth melody and sharp hi-hats. The beat, combined with the stream-of-consciousness lyrics, give the song character. It’s a tried and true formula for many tracks in this genre.

Finlince’s vocals on this track are calm, but moving. You can tell they’re troubled, just from the intonation of the lyrics. When you hear what he’s saying, it’s clear that this song isn’t as happy as the cover art makes it seem. 

The lyrics almost sound like a conversation, a twitter rant, or even a diary entry, all of which Finlince encapsulates in his vocal performance.


Finlince simply knows how to make a hit. “Everytime I see you” seems effortlessly put together, like each part of the song was meant to be there.

Verses from collaborators fit right into the tone of the song, with each of them rapping out their own internal conflicts on the beat.

It’s a realness that no other genre can bring, and no other artist can do the way Finlince does.  

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