Funeral: The Road To Perfection, And The Single That Proves It

The sound of popular music moving forward is being defined by an endless crop of artists who all have their own unique artistry about them, with a correspondingly unique set of goals and aspirations to go with them. This has resulted in what is now being touted as the next era of both pop and hip-hop alike becoming arguably the most diverse scene to ever grace the modern music landscape.

That fact is very apparent when looking at this scene from afar, but it becomes all the more obvious once dissecting its most talented and precedent-setting acts by themselves. To say that such an absolute modern prodigy like Funeral defines this mold in his own right would be selling even someone like him far too short.

This 20-year-old mastermind of all things hip-hop, pop, and beyond has been paving the way for a great deal of young acts to follow with his characteristically dark, yet appealing delivery along with his outstanding vocal presence and demeanor in that right. But his young career is just beginning to blossom after the years of hard work put in by himself, as he and his contemporaries are on the verge of musical infamy moving into this new era.

And that group would be missing one of its most key contributors - and certainly one of its most talented - if he were not included, which gives even more weight to his incredible string of singles that he has come to drop this year, especially as of late. The latest of these tracks entitled "EARLEAK" is yet another telling example of exactly that, but knowing what has constituted such an amazing artistic status that he has today is just as important to understanding who this talent truly is.


What’s it like living in Finland? Have you lived there your whole life?

Growing up, I don't really remember much of an influence from family when it came to music. I just remembered listening to whatever was on the radio. I always liked the pop songs, but there was always a different feeling when I would hear the emo/pop punk songs on the radio. I think I have always been drawn to that sound since my childhood to be honest.

How’d you find yourself making the music you are now? I know you’ve mentioned several times you were in older collectives way back when. You’re definitely a veteran of SoundCloud if there is one. How have you seen the scene emerge from your point of view?

It kind of just started by attempting to make dubstep and failing. I kind of moved into, like, more chill trap influenced music back in 2014 when I found out about XXYYXX. This kind of led me to my first introduction to the soundcloud scene. I was introduced to a young Ginseng, Shiro, and Hella Skechy -- rest in peace. I was actually in a collective with Shiro back in like 2015 I think. The collective was named Grave. There were a lot of people in there who went on to do big things. As far as the scene I am in now, no idea how I got here. It's like one minute I was making plugg music and the next, I got adopted into this current scene. From the moment they accepted me, I knew this scene was going to be something new and different like soundcloud and never seen before. It's almost like how I remember the $uicideboy$ and BONES era mixed with the 2016-2017 SoundCloud era. It is very interesting.

You are in two collectives, Noheart and Cognitive. What’s the background behind these groups? How’d you find yourself joining them?

I am not very active in Cognitive that much. I joined because Sholoh said I should, and the people in there are very cool. I joined Noheart a year ago, and these people are like my brothers and sisters. I have talked to them so much since I joined and they are some of my best friends.

There was a very specific rise of creatives out of North Carolina between 2018-2019. With people like BBY Goyard, Belis, Nascar Aloe, making a name for themselves just to name a few. With you yourself being from the state, do you engage within the regional scene or just do your own thing?

I kind of just do my own thing. I think it's the same with Glaive. We are both just from small towns in North Carolina doing what we like and we have our scene entirely on the internet. With the scene from the artists you mentioned, I believe they all started in Charlotte and knew each other in real life. That's really cool honestly, but I'm really just doing my own thing in this small town.

You are extremely consistent with your uploads. Arguably the most consistent out right now. What drives you to put out music the way you do? Do you do it just for the joy of creating and showing your work to others, or is there other significant meaning?

I truly enjoy constantly creating music, this is literally all I do from the moment I wake up to the moment I go to sleep. I feel like I remember having the same work ethic back when I was only getting like 300 plays on the first day of a songs release. However, getting like 2,000 plays on the first day now, I feel like there are a lot more people watching and waiting and I'm more than happy to give them what they want to hear. I just love it so much.

You definitely love a good joke. You’re always on the timeline joking about this and that and whatever. But you’re also very serious when need be, and talk about being responsible for your past and stuff like that on a pretty regular basis. With that being said, would you say this is a good reflection of your character?

I would think so. I know I talk about my past a lot, lowkey I think it's guilt. However, I am currently working on forgiving myself since everyone around me has already forgiven me. But yeah, I love joking saying the most dumb stuff I possibly can on twitter. I honestly don't know how the A&R's feel about it, but I think it's funny.

You dropped two projects this year in “IMMORTAL” and “sickinthehead." What do these projects represent?

Every project I've decided to make and release has been purely evil. I like the project to be really cohesive and flow nicely. As far as why they both happen to be evil, I am not sure. I just think it's nice to have one vibe to stick to when creating a project like that.

Can the world expect another full-length release this year?

Yes. I am working on one right now, this one isn't going to be evil. But I am going to keep that one on the low because I'm really excited to get this one done and pushed out.

What artists and producers would you like to work with moving forward given the opportunity?

All of my friends in the scene. I rarely get on anyones beats other than my own. However, there are just some times where I hear a friend's beat and know I can do something on it. As far as vocalists, I need to get better at working with my friends. I think I might have like maybe 4 songs out of 84 tracks on my soundcloud with features.

What’s one thing about the community you like and one thing you dislike?

I love the connections and teamwork this community has. Everyone can just make music so effortlessly and it's so nice to watch everything like that play out. However, there tends to be some drama in the scene, but I think that's with any group of people. There will always be drama when you have a group of people doing things together. We work past it and move on.

What makes you happy outside of music? Any specific hobbies?

I like to hang out with my girlfriend a lot. She is the only normal thing I have outside of music. We just do whatever and hang out every weekend. Hanging out with her gives me a break from music every weekend so it's really nice.

Do you have an end goal with your career as a creative or do you want to do this forever?

Ultimately, I just want to make everyone happy and accept themselves. I'd love for this to be my career forever and I am working on doing that. I think everything I have been doing has worked out in the end despite the ups and downs I have had.

Who’s the most underrated creative out there right now in your eyes?

Dltzk by far. This man can literally produce any genre of music and his style is so amazing. I listen to him all the time. He gives me lots of inspiration and in some songs I think it's pretty obvious. He is one of my favorite artists in the scene who I really feel needs more attention.

What song do you think is your best piece of work to date?

I'd say "Crash Tonight" as far as today. The production on it is some of my favorite that I've done and the switch of vocal styles and flows within the song makes me think I really outdid myself compared to my other songs.

Finally, any shout-outs?

I would like to shout out Noheart, that's my family for real. All of my friends in the scene, the list is entirely too long to remember (but if we have talked before, just assume we're friends). And finally, everyone that supports and listens to me. It means everything for real. Thank you.

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