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Password: KeithBlondSoSoftly

Artist Background

Keith Blond creates nothing short of magic.

The Italian talent is combining influences from a wide-range of places to develop their own sense of pop music in a world that is constantly rewarding innovation.

Track Overview

Many's first introduction to his artistic status has come through the first single off of his upcoming full-length project -- and with "So Softly," what an introduction that is.

The track is a 3-minute experience that is jam-packed with plenty of outstanding elements that make it feel like it lasts forever; it is an all-too-gripping pop tune through and through.

Keith's phenomenal vocals take center stage throughout most of the song's runtime, with fellow popstar Riley the Musician adding his own passage towards the end of the track as well. 

Combining both of their remarkable performances on the mic with the dynamic instrumental that takes numerous twists and turns, and you get one of the most unique and unmatched sounds to hit the pop scene this year.


Though Keith Blond is just beginning their journey as far as this artistic direction is concerned in particular, it is safe to say that they are off to an amazing start all the same.

They are throwing away all conventions in order to come through with sounds that are still unheard and unmatched, which is exactly what the pop world is asking for at the current moment, and that is what it will continue to ask for throughout the coming years.

And if it is not clear already, Keither Blond is answering that call with grace. 

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