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Password: KmoeIcedTea

Artist Background

It’s hard not to smile when Kmoe’s around.

The 16 year old prodigy is releasing earworm after earworm, jumping from genre to genre with ease as he continues his steady rise to prominence.

Track Overview

“Iced Tea” is a pop hit through and through, and it knows exactly how to lift your spirits.

Its anecdotal lyrics lead into a catchy chorus, complete with trumpets, staccato piano notes, and a steady drum beat. Kmoe even includes a text message notification noise to match the lyrics, a detail that matches the tone of the song perfectly.

On top of that, Kmoe’s delivery of the love-y dove-y lyrics is perfect, staying in a fairly simple vocal range to match the instrumental

It’s clear that Kmoe is singing from experience, to an unnamed crush that makes him feel like he’s in middle school again.


This cutesy pop ballad isn’t the first of Kmoe’s impressive releases, and it surely won’t be the last.

“Iced Tea” feels like the rush after a first kiss, dancing on the walk back home and trying to hide your smile from your parents.

Kmoe knows exactly what he’s doing on this track and continues to exceed expectations with every new drop.

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