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Password: LilBoostSaveMyLife

Artist Background

Lil Boost is the newcomer the underground is begging for.

Coming out of nowhere, Lil Boost is presenting simply beautiful music. With only 3 tracks currently to his name, “Save My Life!” sticks out as an absolute blast start to finish.

Track Overview

Lil Boost’s vocal performance on the track is elegance on full display. Approaching the song with a somewhat subtle yet forward approach sonically, the lyrics stick out here more so than they would in other songs for instance.

808 Death Club is marvelous on the production, and builds a seemingly beautiful environment with Lil Boost’s vocals that showcases everything the song is going for. The two work together seamlessly on a song where the two are the best at what they do.

From topics ranging from mixing coke and gin and experiencing rapid highs and lows which he summarizes as “sweet and sour”, the song is very upbeat for otherwise depressing lyrics.

Although you could argue the song is up for interpretation, there seems to be an emphasis on hardship here -- which you could pick up from the title alone.


Lil Boost is fun, interesting, and great for the scene.

With a minimal discography on SoundCloud at the current moment, having a sound this polished already is immaculate for any artist.

With not much known about his origins or background, Lil Boost is a testament to the fact anyone can hop on SoundCloud and upload great music to this day

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