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Password: Lytress2AllMyCyberfriendz

Artist Background

Lytress is a multimedia mastermind.

Her status as an in-demand illustrator is certainly set in stone, but she is continuing to work towards making her mark as just as demanding of a musical artist as well.

Track Overview

With her newest track entitled “2 All My Cyberfriendz,” it seems as though she has effectively perfected her status in this light.

This track is as resoundingly intense as it gets, embodying practically every single feature that makes up a song in this style with pure and utter correspondence.

Her vocal performance here is incredibly gripping and raucous by itself, sitting perfectly atop an all-too-fitting instrumental that matches its intensity in such a complete fashion courtesy of bp iv and Delto.

The resulting product is a track that basks in its roughness and pure emotional tone to the highest level it possibly could.


Lytress has officially cemented her place within the musical-centric pocket of this scene with “2 All My Cyberfriendz.”

This is more of a statement piece than anything else -- letting the world know that she is anything but unprepared to tackle any and every artistic venture that she takes.

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