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Password: MisakuFoxxWeSoPradaHimLol

Artist Background

Nothing quite gets in the way of Misaku Foxx’s willingness to do anything.

Their talents shine through at such a high degree with any style they take on, and all in the face of heavy circumstances outside of music.

Track Overview

Their most recent offering entitled “we so prada him lol” is yet another example of them taking on something off the beaten path as far as their respective scene is concerned and running with it gracefully.

Paying homage in numerous ways to the Playboi Carti track of the same name, Misa adequately replicates that sound in an all-too-entertaining manner.

The track as a whole features repetitive and addicting bars that fit so ideally over both the given instrumental here, and also the era that is being called back to in its own right.

Each and every feature here proves that Misa is not just a student of the game, but certainly one of the most learned individuals in this light as well.


Tracks of this manner and status stand for quite a lot despite both their brevity and seemingly simplistic demeanor, and Misaku Foxx all-but-confirms this fact with a track like this.

Talent like theirs can be applied to just about anything with nothing else but exceptional results, and for them to keep striving to differentiate themselves in this manner is not just integral, but admirable all the same. 

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