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Password: Dr.DriipAndRunitupflexxLikeMyDrip

Artist Background

Big Muscle Gang is still giving us relentless bangers.

While Big Muscle Gang has been relatively quiet this year along with their self-proclaimed CEO Dr. Diip, it's hard to ignore a release from him when it does happen, with his clever one-liners and relentless rapping style.


Track Overview

Recruiting one of his partners in crime with Runitupflexx joining in on his new track "Like My Drip," the two are an absolute perfect pairing.

Exchanging bars that sound inherently comedic, their approach sonically is what makes the pair so intimidating.

Fro saying everything to "his plug looking like D Savage" and stretching his money like Mister Fantastic, Dr. Driip is a master at "fun... yet someone you probably wouldn't want to mess with" rap music. 

Runitupflexx also joins in on the fun, making references to Hurricane Chris and proclaim he'd put you in a ditch, making an already chaotic track more chaotic.


Dr. Diip has been an underground mainstay for years. With his artist development arguably at the strongest it's ever been with this track, it'll be interesting to see where he goes stylistically moving forward.

Runitupflexx is a relatively on the low character. With few releases on SoundCloud and only sporting an Instagram page, it'll also be interesting to see where he goes as well. 

With this in mind, be on the lookout for both rising acts, another unique creative in the vast underground scene. 

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