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Password: Bleachh01

Artist Background

The rise of Bleachh has been nothing short of magnificent.

Perhaps one of the hottest rising act towards the end of summer 2020, he has dropped single after single and made moves upon moves to set himself up for what will soon be a career at the superstar level. 


“Snakes” “Let’s Goooo!” “Tightrope”


“01” is an EP that acts as something of a culmination of this remarkable rise that he’s gone on throughout this entire summer, with 5 tracks that flaunt his best work over this run. 

Defining Aspects

Entertaining wordplay, dynamic production, and endless replayability. 

Artist Performance

Bleachh does what he has continued to do best over each of the 5 tracks on this project — with his all-too-gripping performance on the mic over beats that could only suit he himself in the perfect manner that they do. 


“01” proves and accomplished countless amounts of facts about where Bleachh stood before beginning his run this summer compared to where he stands now. 

Among these things is the fact that being a student of the game, engaging with one’s community, and utilizing their experience to elevate their music is a surefire way to make a lasting impression. 

And based off of these songs alone, Bleachh has accomplished all of these things and more, and he only thing he has left to conquer is the future.

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