Saiah: Protected By Their Own Karma

Within this limitless musical setting that the world is currently exposed to, acts working today have an equal amount of free reign in regards to their creative makeup as they do with their overall artistic goals. One’s journey to prominence is more opened-ended today than it has ever been before, and even the concept of “success” itself is seeing itself placed on a far more wide-ranging spectrum from a grander perspective.

That notion certainly lends the utmost credence to both the wholly unique sense of creativity and career ideals alike found within a generational act like Arizona’s very own Saiah. Shaped by countless amounts of life events within their brief 22-year life thus far, they now carry with them one of the most intriguing views on the greater music world out of any artist working at his level and beyond. The idea of “making it” in this all-too-saturated modern setting means something completely different to them then it would to practically any other figure making the type of sublime and spotless blend of pop, r&b, and a host of other genres that they have mastered up to this point.

But perhaps that one-of-a-kind artistic outlook is exactly what drives the absolute mastery that they exude time and time again with their work; music is just a small, yet presently prominent facet of this boundless beacon of sheer artistic passion that makes up their status as an individual. The act of simply creating for the sake of the well-being for the people around them, and certainly their own mental as well is at the forefront of their mind at all times, and moving into the future, this attitude seems to ring as true as ever as they prepare for the inevitable stardom that awaits them.


With such a momentous and heartfelt project as your last EP “honest red” ended up being, what do you feel like that release meant at its conclusion?

Personally, I feel like that EP was just my prelude for what’s to come. It was really just me realizing who I was at the time. It was a point where I was finally coming to terms with a lot of childhood trauma, so that’s kinda why it was the prelude for what I’m gonna experience next. The entire reason that EP came out was basically because I was like, “I don’t wanna be famous.” My main goal with everything is just to just be able to live and make my mom happy and let her live, and I want people to know that I will never be the one to do outlandish shit to be famous. It was just me being honest and saying, “this is not what I want to be famous off of.”

What was the process like leading up to the EP’s release in particular?

2020 was a weird year, because originally I had got a lot of traction off of that Guardin feature, and it felt really good at the time. But then it kinda started to freak me out, because I was like asking myself if I really wanted this many people to know who I am. I guess that normal lifestyle before was pretty cool, you feel me? (laughs) But after that I really just started to take a lot of breaks from social media. I never want to be in anyone’s face all the time, because that’s always been annoying to me.

Does that say anything about your approach with future releases?

I really just like to let my art talk for as long as it wants to talk. Once it stops talking, then I’m cool with other things being talked about. But then once I come out with something else, then it’s time to talk about that. I want to be an event-type of artist like that, just making every release seem like a moment. But then once it’s over I can disappear for a while until it’s time for something else.

That is certainly an approach reserved for a select amount of artists, and it is so much more uncommon nowadays as well. How does that overall mindset from a release standpoint contribute to the music itself?

I’m not gonna lie, sometimes when I make music I get super lazy and I end up just freestyling a lot… letting my subconscious speak and shit. Lately I’ve been realizing that I really should not be doing that as much, because it reveals so much more about yourself that people are going to know now. It’s giving a piece of you to too many people, and then those people are gonna be the ones that you rely on for everything. I just can’t be like that, you know? Recently I’ve been trying to write stories with my music, like just thinking about stories in my head while I shower and being more creative in that way. Speaking from your subconscious is cool, but I tell myself that the world doesn’t revolve around you at all times. Making these stories that don’t involve myself are cool to see what you can end up getting out of them.

All of what you’ve just said and have been saying has represented the fact that you’re one of the most ambitious acts working today. Taking that status that you already have, how do you see yourself elevating it to an even higher level?

Meditation… 100% meditation. I want to tap into the different sides of my mind to get really healthy. I just wanna be myself and be stress free… and really come to a peace with myself as well. But I need to do other things outside of music, even outside of the artistic things besides music. Like I’m gonna be doing art, but at the same time I’m also going to be carpenting, and even making my own canvases for my abstract paints and stuff like that. I know if I’m doing that kind of stuff, I won’t be sad and I’ll be able to make the best stuff I can make at all times.

Has being in this ideal mindstate always been at the top of your priority list when making music?

Just recently, yes. But with “honest red” it really wasn’t. With that project I was really just letting my mind take over everything and I was dwelling on so many different things. But now I’ve grown to the point where I can say to myself, “it’s time to not be a kid anymore.” I’m becoming more mindful of everything that I’m doing. Mindlessness is like death… that shit is scary. If you’re just mindless and doing shit without thinking, you never know what your true path is going to be. I would much rather have a path where I’m just chilling, like smooth sailing you know? If I have that mindset, there’s gonna be less things that end up trying to stab me in my corpse. I’ll be protected always -- protected by my own karma... protected by me.

How is improving yourself in these ways going to manifest itself in your future moves?

I just really want to live that life of always bettering who I am. I also want to be able to show people how to better yourself through the darkness, because I went through the dark, and it's time to reach to the light. So that’s my main goal with all of this, like it’s okay to not have the highest mental state at all times, but you can always grow past that, and I don’t want anyone to think they can’t grow.

Stream Saiah’s “honest red” here