Password: SEBiiAUBUDABii

Artist Background

SEBii takes us across the globe and into a world full of unheard sounds.

The pop superstar has been throwing together a wide mix of sounds leading up to his long-awaited project VVSS. With influences ranging from Lil Uzi Vert to Katy Perry, he has put together his own unique soundscape, embellished with 3D animation, and taken on plenty more artistic ventures. 

Track Overview

“AUBUDABii” is a step ahead of the sound we’re used to hearing from him.

His flow sounds so natural, yet so impressive on the beat -- an instrumental that is so catchy, that it almost beckons the listener to bop their head to it. The song doesn’t give a second thought to being fun from every single aspect here.

SEBii clearly uses his lyrics to entertain the listener completely. Rhyming “big glock” with “crock-pot” is just one example of his amusing, yet impressive writing skills on this song.

His vocal performance is also noteworthy, taking form in his signature high-pitched and soft voice. SEBii knows this song is hard as can be, and his delivery makes that abundantly clear.


SEBii’s confidence and growth as an artist has been stunning to watch.

From making covers and flips of early 2000’s pop songs to creating complete originals with the help of his favorite producers, SEBii has turned into one of the biggest stars in the underground scene.

He’s climbing the ladder by himself, and if anyone is going to make it to the top first, it’s him.