Password: SurfOrdinary

Artist Background

Surf’s bright tone and tightly packed flows show that he is everything but “ordinary” on his latest track.

Based out of Atlanta, Surf is one of the most consistent artists in the underground. His knack for remaining distinct on top of melodically dense production sets him apart from his peers as a cognoscente of countermelody. 

Track Overview

“Ordinary” reinforces this title, placing Surf over a bouncy trap beat comprised of punchy 808s, engaging flutes, and snappy drums, all courtesy of Kill Confirmed.

Surf’s flow changes throughout the song, providing the track a sense of fluidity, while utilizing the hook to sustain cohesion.

His lyrics point to the distinctiveness of his lifestyle, and his previous experiences with the “ordinary.”

The track’s braggadocio takes a refreshing approach, evoking a sense of brightness and alacrity few are capable of creating.


Surf remains consistent with “Ordinary,” utilizing his versatile vocal chops, jazz-like flows, and stellar ear for production to create a self-assured, captivating trap offering.

Kill Confirmed’s production is dense, but abstains from being overbearing, providing space for Surf to seamlessly riff.

Ultimately, Surf is a man in control, cognizant of his vocal capabilities, tone, and life at large; his consistency and growth work in tandem, traits emblematic of a great artist.