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VAMPIRE BYTES: BoofPaxkMooky's "RED"

BoofPaxkMooky coats his words with honey. On blissful songs like “100mph,” he gently feeds his raps through your speakers line-by-line, like candy, until you’re deliriously grinning along with him. Other rappers like to push ahead and reach their voices up high, but BoofPaxkMooky lets his flow drag a bit; it slows down the clock in your brain, making the details in his instrumentals leave a deeper impression. You’ll usually find him accompanied by plugg producers like Cashcache, who give him the wide-open, idyllic space he needs to let his melodies hang in the air like clouds of smoke.

On “RED,” though, he taps GRiMM DOZA, a producer more fluent in gritty sample loops, for a single off of their upcoming collab tape I’ve Been High For Days. He’s made beats for some of BoofPaxkMooky’s peers before, like his loungey production on Tony Shhnow’s Kill Streak, but rarely worked with the kind of sweet, blunted melodics that Mooky does so well. Doza serves up a slice of what sounds like far-out ‘70s space-rock, the kind of thing you’d hear beaming from an old radio on a sunset drive. Rappers who punch in like BoofPaxkMooky have a lot of versatility — since their flows are especially freeform, they can approach multiple kinds of instrumentals without seeming out of place. Sometimes he locks in with the steady jam-session pulse of Doza’s drums, and sometimes he pushes into his trademark punch-in spirals. The “RED” beat is more rigid than the leisurely plugg beats Mooky usually hops on, but he finds a way around Doza's groove.

It’s rewarding to see this kind of collaboration, because the clash of styles throws you off guard — you end up seeing both the rapper and the producer in a different light. “RED” also makes sense as part of the larger trend of other SoundCloud plugg stalwarts, like BoofPaxkMooky’s frequent collaborator 1600J, getting increasingly adventurous with the beats they choose. Wherever there’s an unexpected rhythm or an instrumental that takes some work to handle, there’s a rapper like Mooky who can find the right angle to punch in and make something new.

BoofPaxkMooky on SoundCloud // GRiMM Doza on SoundCloud


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