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VAMPIRE BYTES: dazegxd & emotionals' "make u stay (feat. age)"

Even the most astute observers of progressive music scenes would tell you that making defiant predictions about them - and actually seeing these takes materialize - is one tall task. The online music landscape, especially, lowers the success rate of any given prediction due to its unpredictability and fever-pitch progress. That being said, we still make these predictions out of a sense of pure confidence, and it’s safe to say I could not be any more confident in predicting what the next trend in popular online music will sound like.

The sound of the future is certainly still up-in-the-air, but I’m just going to place my bets on what I’d like to call “garage pop” as the next big thing - a genre that is vividly exemplified by "make u stay", a collaboration from dazegxd, emotionals, and Eldia Records leader Age.

The trio’s combined talents result in a single that provides me with all the evidence in the world to make this an educated guess. This track keeps one foot in the established world of digicore-leaning pop music, and the other in the burgeoning online dance landscape. While these two scenes have interacted frequently over the past few months, no single track has merged their respective sounds like this one.

Its garage-based rhythm, structure, and overall instrumentation strike the listener with an appealing pop foundation upfront. Each featured riff is just as addictive as any other garage cut - past and present alike - bolstered further by the magnetic tones shared by the beat’s muted pads and lively synths. And if these features weren’t enough to make this the most pop-oriented garage cut online this year, perhaps emotionals’ slick and resounding vocal performance makes it official.

It’s truly a marvel how these three were able to build a bridge between these adjacent styles by taking full advantage of their best features. But then again, we’re dealing with three of online music’s most adept minds when it comes to progressing this landscape forward; they’ve proven it already time and time again. They certainly stand on hallowed ground as solo acts, but judging by the sheer effectiveness of “make u stay”, their combined powers can take them above and beyond the boundaries of “progress” alone. That’s exactly why I’m so confident in dubbing this style the “sound of the future.”

dazegxd on SoundCloud // emotionals on SoundCloud // age on SoundCloud


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