Password: VinciiFlawless

Artist Background

Vincii has an unreplicable talent for crafting tightly packed, melodic flows.

The Florida native has been building a buzz for over two years, consistently dropping a variety of dreamy, vocally driven tracks with every passing month.

Track Overview

All of his previous efforts culminate in “Flawless,” one of the most thorough, focused, and well-executed tracks in his catalog. Featuring airy, prolific production courtesy of Mingo and Ivsirs, the track finds Vincii in his element, guiding the overall ambience with a stellar performance.

The track starts off with a series of reverse piano chords, followed by a bevvy of grandiose 808’s and spacious vocal riffing. While the popularity of drill in 2020 has led to the resurgence of intricate 808 slides, the track contains an incredibly unique usage of the technique.

With regards to Vincii, his performance is drenched in debonair, aided by his smooth tone, subtle braggadocio, and impressive interior rhymes.

His flows are layered, making use of intricate rhyme patterns and the occasional hung flow. His lyrics feel like a series of pensive late night thoughts, the come down following a night on the town.


All in all, “Flawless” thrives in its ability to create a landscape, slightly obscured but confidently guided by Vincii’s vocals.

The production is immaculate, providing room for Vincii to drive the ship, but maintaining enough unique quirks to stand out on its own.

One can only hope that Vincii continues his hot streak, we all seek to benefit if he does.