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When Delta Meets Twikipedia

Even in this highly-manufactured and at times transparency-lacking online music landscape, the facets that surround one's true image of themselves still play such an integral role in how they behave, interact, and/or take advantage of their surroundings in this very online space. No matter how sheltered and disconnected we may feel today - especially in regards to the pandemic age - there are still connections to be made that truly involve these real life factors.

To say that Delta - otherwise known by their stage name Twikipedia - has had these external factors play into their place within all of this today is something of an understatement. Though they are one of a select few acts who can say they have been at the forefront of the rising next wave of pop music moving towards the future, their image and all-around status is one that is shrouded in something of an obscure nature.

Whereas Twikipedia is an all-too-eclectic act that has proven to display a tellingly unique sound inside of their scene with such projects like the recently released "Talk" EP, Delta is simply a young teenager out of Brazil looking to make their musical endeavors under the former name stick for the time being. Though these two names represent different sides of the same coin, they both embody the sincerest willingness to flaunt their talents at the highest level they possibly can, no matter what kinds of barriers are thrown in their way.


Have you lived in Brazil your whole life? What’s it like there for you?

Yes, I live in Brazil. It’s a nice place but I have struggled sometimes growing up since I am not very rich. For example, the water went out in our house nearly every day of September. But I’ve made a lot of friends over here and I have a nice family and stuff. I can also speak fluent Brazilian Portuguese and English.

What music were you into growing up? Did you play any instruments?

Growing up I was into a lot of the music my mom played. So funk, bossa nova, jazz, samba, pagode, some old school Brazilian rap, some soul music, and some spanish music. My mom listened to a lot of music in our household and I think it made an impact on what I like to listen to a bit. I want to make a fully Portuguese bossa nova song soon too. I never played any instruments though if you don’t count occasionally fucking around on the piano.

When did you get into the kind of music you’re making now? Did you discover this music by chance or have you been casually browsing through SoundCloud for a while now?

Well, I was making joke songs all the way up until like April of this year. The very first song that I listened to what I'd say is my current genre is "Omegle" by Saturn. I found this song because I was looking at one of my followers' pages and they reposted it and the cover art looked very cool so I listened. The song is great. I’ve been browsing SoundCloud for a long time now, around 5 years.

Has anyone in your personal life heard your music? If so, what’d they think of it?

I have shown my music to one of my real life friends and my mom. Both thought it was cool, but I'm not sure they understand it. I don’t worry too much about it though as long as I can make the songs without bothering anyone.

When the pandemic finally passes, would you be interested in performing at shows, or is that not really your personal cup of tea?

Well, while it would be hard for me to fly out to the places I'd have shows at, I am very interested in connecting with the people that listen to me. I have social anxiety and it’d be extremely hard for me to push through that but i feel it’d be worth a shot.

I have a lot of respect for that as someone who also struggles with that. On another note, I know for a bit you were specifically involved in the Roblox Twitter Community. This is a bit of a funny topic for myself because I came from there as well. Were you doing anything developer related?

No. I hate Roblox... I just make funny tweets about it sometimes. I have cool friends that play it though. It’s also interesting that you came from that community. The world is a small place. Many artists seem to have played the game.

With all this in mind, what’s a Roblox game you would recommend to someone who hasn’t played before?

I would recommend “Crossroads” in the temple of brickbattle group. It’s a game I have a very fun time with whenever I play.... but I don’t play Roblox.

You seem to particularly enjoy the Mario franchise, even proclaiming in the description of your song “mario” that the song is about the game Mario. Do you specifically like one certain iteration or is it installment in general?

I love the Super Mario franchise. I have always been huge on Nintendo ever since I was a kid. The very first game I played was New Super Mario Bros. My favorite one at the moment is Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door, which the song "Mario" references a lot.

You and Angelus are reportedly dropping an EP soon. How’d you two connect? Have you been working on music together for a while, and is there more music from you two people can expect down the line?

Me and Angelus are really good friends. We’ve been working on music together for about 2 months now. We have 2 songs we’ve already made together, and the EP is actually 3-4 songs. Definitely expect music from us in the future. They’re very talented.

Is there any significance towards the stick figures on some of your covers? You dropped an EP titled “Masks” where the songs have the same cover of stick men, but are just ultimately recolored versions. Is there any meaning behind that or were you just feeling that style?

It was more a style thing. It was inspired by Wido’s EP, with differently colored pictures with the same image. Drawing stick men is fun and relaxing to me, so I do it a lot for my song covers.

What song that you’ve made are you the most proud of?

I don’t like most of my own music, I get kind of sick of all of it since I have to hear it so much when producing it and mastering it. However, I'd say my favorite song I made is either "Online" or "Today." Both are kind of happy turn up songs and I like that type of music.

You’ve dropped one album this year in Die, what was the process of conceptualizing that album like? Would you go back and change anything on it, or do you think it is a good reflection on where you’ve already come as an artist?

That album was originally supposed to be a hard screaming song type album, like my old stuff. Then I heard Saturn's songs and got very inspired. Saturn became a friend of mine a bit after that and gave me his preset, So I started experimenting and making a lot of auto-tune songs. Then I compiled the songs and released the project. Shout out to Saturn. Nowadays I don’t really like the album but I think it was an important step for me as an artist.

Do you see yourself dropping another project this year or is it going to be singles from here on out?

Albums are kind of annoying. I might drop another EP but for the rest of this year I want to calm down and release just singles to not burn myself out.

You aren’t in any collectives or anything like that, so do you enjoy being a fully independent creative in that sense, or would you take up joining a collective at some point?

It’s fun, but I miss the feeling of a team sometimes. I’d love to join Helix tears. Maybe someday in the future they’d let me in Slowsilver03. I’m a fan of many collectives out right now.

How do you perceive yourself in the scene? Like on a personal level if that makes sense. How do you react to your fans reaching out, and how you react to your personal success?

I know my place kind of. I know that I'm not really the best but I'm fine with that. I just love the fact that I finally have people listening to my music now. It means a lot to me even though I’m still getting used to it. I’m very bad at responding to fans, but I do it sometimes. I love everyone that supports me and sometimes a nice message about my music will make my day.

Have you filmed a music video yet, or thought about filming one?

No, I am extremely insecure about my appearance. I think about making them a lot but I need to be pretty first. No one wants a lyric video they need to see me I guess. That’s just how I see it.

Something else we haven’t touched on yet is the fact you’re also a producer. Is that something you enjoy a lot or just do for fun? Are you looking to take producing more seriously down the line?

Production is what I started off doing. I was just a producer all the way up until late 2019. That’s when I started putting my vocals on songs. I plan to start selling some of my beats in the future, and collaborating with other great producers. I want to produce other people's songs too. Not only my own.

Where do you see your music career a year from now? Where do you see the scene even?

I want to find a sound that works with my music style in a year. I want to be friends with more people I look up to. I want to make less music but make it better. I see the scene as somewhat the same (with a few more people). The songs people make though are probably going to only change more from now on. There are so many talented artists and producers with ideas that are crazy. A lot of hit makers and people with genuine talent.

Finally, any shout-outs you’d like to give to anyone?

I would like to shout-out Angelus, Kuru, 4am, Blackwinterwells, Lou, and Yun Head. Shout-out NBA YoungBoy too. Shout-out the guy that made One Piece. I'm watching that show.

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