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Password: XeroApeShitChronicles

Artist Background

Xero is an enigmatic yet highly skilled individual.

Some fusion between graphic artist, clothing designer, rapper, and rockstar, his Instagram (@killxero) sprawls with zany grotesque depictions of anything pertaining to flesh, the internet, the macabre, and the surreal.


“High Tech” “Hardserver/Heartbreaker” “Baraka Blades”


In a similar fashion to Xero’s collection of digital 2D art, Ape Shit Chronicles operates at the same eccentric level in a new, exciting medium; the eight-track album is just as much an oddball and striking amalgamation of real-life debauchery and shocking, fantastical elements.

Defining Aspects

Shocking songwriting, surprising and dynamic album structure, and aggressive yet deviating production.

Artist Performance

Xero makes for an exhibition of sonic flavors on this album that are weird and brilliantly appalling. From thievery, bounty hunting,  magic, and short yet vivid descriptions of death Xero drops bars that paint a cinematic portrayal of the seemingly anti-hero of this project. 


Xero is an artist whose aesthetic borders on familiar horror laden themes and dark tones not unfounded within the rap scene at large. 

In his particular situation though, there’s a lack of  the outward sadness and grit that’s typically found within these types-- Xero manages to harness the fun sounds of our contemporary age to spout off about drug dealing, designer clothing, and bug infested dermises, truly in a way that only Xero could. 

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