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Password: YxkiPeaceAndBubbleTea

Artist Background

Yxki turns dreams tangible.

Living in Tokyo, Yxki brings his native language of Japanese to the Western alt-pop sound effortlessly.

Track Overview

“Peace and Bubble Tea” is simple yet haunting, leaving the listener in a heavenly state of mind.

The track blends an ethereal acoustic melody with a deep drum beat and melancholy, yet hopeful lyrics about moving on from an ex-lover and his friends helping him through the process.

Yxki’s voice glides over the beat with a practiced perfection, traveling from ear to ear in a bittersweet echo.

The reminiscent lyrics match the tone of the instrumental; it truly sounds like hugging someone you know you won’t see again for a long time.


Other than the clear display of expertise Yxki shows in songwriting and composition, this is a step forward from his previous work.

This is a song that takes you back, back to golden memories and toothy smiles, but emphasizes the importance of loving today, because Yxki knows he’s going to miss it tomorrow.

It truly goes to show how valuable these sentimental facets are in composing such a resounding track.

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