Selfhategroup - "Gardener"

Log Date: 9/17/20

Author: Billy Bugara (@ActuallyNotBill)

Log Visual

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Artist Background


Davis - otherwise known under "selfhategroup" - is illustrating pure magic time and time again.


With an artistic touch unlike any other, he is crafting pieces that are sincere, touching, and simply eye-popping even on their first viewing.

Design Overview


His latest piece entitled “Gardener” is just the latest example of his masterful talent put in motion.

Acting as something of a collage/feature piece hybrid, it displays that signature charm found in nearly all of his pieces at its fullest level, while also offering a new spin on that exact formula.


The beautifully illustrated figure acts as the centerpiece of the entire work, with a keen sense of layering overtop making for a stunning view.


The entire piece has so many facets to simply fall in love with and admire, and it makes for an item that will keep viewers examining it for hours on end.



The entire selfhategroup catalog is equally masterful and all-too-impressive, but what makes it as such is how Davis continues to elevate and expand upon a style that only he can call his own.   

It won’t be long before this style takes him to some unimaginable places -- and the art that will spark this inevitable result is just going to keep improving and improving even past its already remarkable current place.